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For Families Who Love the Land

Farm & Ranch Living celebrates families who believe words like “rural,” “land,” “soil” and “earth” have very special meanings. Each issue of the magazine features month-long diaries by four farm or ranch families in different parts of the country. These day-to-day journals describe work, fun, church, 4-H, FFA and even the menus of some family meals.

Throughout the magazine, Farm & Ranch Living readers tell about their own experiences raising livestock, growing crops and gardens, putting up produce for winter consumption and working to constantly improve their land. Readers include traditional farmers and ranchers whose families have been on the land for generations and for whom farming or ranching is their only way of life and only source of income.

But readers also include small-acreage farmers and ranchers who see a piece of land of any size as agricultural as long as there is a serious attempt to grow or raise crops or livestock. Regardless of the size of their land—and regardless of whether they have off-the-farm jobs—Farm & Ranch Living readers believe in raising their families in the country where rural values of work and neighborliness still prevail.

Since 1978, Farm & Ranch Living has worked hard to be inspiring, heartfelt, entertaining, friendly, warm and fun to read. Its short articles and essays tug at the heartstrings, and its agricultural photos range from cute and humorous to breathtakingly beautiful.

Farm & Ranch Living has full-color photos throughout and appears six times a year. Subscribe today or give a gift of Farm & Ranch Living.

A Brief History of the Magazine

Back in 1978, our company had been successfully publishing its first ad-free magazine, Farm Wife News. That magazine surprised the publishing industry for two reasons: Most farm magazines had announced they were going to drop their women’s sections because they couldn’t sell enough ads to support the sections; and now here was a new magazine—targeted solely at farm women—that was not only surviving, but thriving without advertising.

What’s more, the staff at Reiman Publications soon learned that farm husbands were reading Farm Wife News. The men obviously enjoyed the change of pace offered by the articles in FWN.

As a result, the idea for a separate magazine began to emerge: If farmers and ranchers were so eager to read FWN, why not turn out a rural lifestyle ad-free magazine for farm families?

With that concept in mind, Farm & Ranch Living was launched in March 1978. The Premiere Issue had a gleaming color cover, high-gloss paper inside, and no ads.

Readers were told right up front that this wasn’t another agri-business publication. Instead, it would help folks who believed there’s no better place to live or work than on a farm or ranch share their beliefs and experiences with others of the same mind.

The magazine was an immediate success—and it still is! By the way, Farm Wife News went on to change its name to become Country Woman.

Next year, Farm & Ranch Living will be celebrating its 30th anniversary!

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